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Oursourcing The prevailing climate for IT outsourcing is that organizations need to maintain flexibility and responsiveness to exploit market growth or transformation. At the same time, they must operate a high-quality, cost-effective operation with a global scope. The trend now is to view outsourcing as a strategic tool, not solely a method of minimizing IT costs. Within this context, Softwave Consutants, Inc. provides IT outsourcing solutions to meet today's and tomorrow's business challenges.

Our testing process and solution defines a well-planned execution methodology to reduce defects at every stage of an application. Our advanced testing strategy provides higher defect free delivery index and reduces maintenance cost. This combined blend gives maximum ROI to our valued customers. Our testing team comprises of skilled professionals with domain and technical expertise on the application being verified. This results in our valued clients being able to minimize defects and maintenance costs, thereby leaving the competition behind.

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