SOFTWAVE Consultants Inc is a Market Leader with unparalleled knowledge and expertise
in delivering innovative Enterprise Application solutions with 100% customer satisfaction.

Careers With Softwave In this fast paced competitive world, your life and work change in response to myriad demands and opportunities. To thrive and grow, you need an employer that values the less tangible - but no less critical - benefits that make work a pleasure and a fulfillment. Benefits such as flexibility to help you manage family life; greater freedom in charting your career development; more say in shaping the company's products, solutions and culture. When it comes to having competitive compensation and benefits - tangible and intangible - Softwave Inc has long been a leader, and remains so today.

Softwave Inc provides benefits and salary competitive within our industry. Periodically we conduct surveys to maintain our current and competitive posture.

The amount of money you will earn at Softwave Inc is determined by the nature and quality of your work as determined in the subjective judgment of management and not by the number of years you have been in your job. Your work performance will be observed daily and will be reviewed with you periodically. Pay increases, based on the productivity of your work, will be considered at regular intervals in the sole discretion of management.

All regular, full-time employees are eligible for medical insurance after 30 days and begin after the probationary period. Insurance premiums are paid by Company to employees at 80% and their dependents are at 50%.

Softwave Inc gives flexible benefits to employees which includes two weeks of paid vacation, one week sick leave, six fixed holidays, four floating holidays, health insurance, life and disability insurances.

Softwave Inc‘s fixed holidays are New Year day, Memorial day, Independence day, Labor day, Thanks giving day and Christmas day. The Floating holidays are Martin Luther King‘s day, President‘s day, Columbus day and Veterans day. In lieu of floating holidays employees can take any day of their choice.

Softwave Inc‘s core business is consulting software solutions on site and software development for different clients in government as well as in private sector. SOFTWAVE tries to provide services based on client needs and requirement. Most clients work on days defined as floating holidays and hence SOFTWAVE defines them as floating holidays and gives flexibility to employees to take day off at their choice.

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